January 2008 : part I

Take it Further Challenge : January 08 / part I
Concept: … who do you look up to? Who do you admire, and why …

Praise to all plants
Plants are the beings I admire the most: in my mind, they are both beautiful and generous –you can use plants for so many purposes- and always peaceful, humble and undemanding, thoroughly autonomous, perfectly adapted to their environment. I admire plants because they live and grow but never waste energy.
Plants are often so discreet and familiar that you do not even notice them… We all admit they are useful, but to what extent? So what is a plant? A sort of inferior life form designed to serve the more evolved species? A part of the landscape, a prop, not quite a simple object, but not quite alive either?
Have you ever really thought about all that green stuff?
How many plants would you recognize and  know by name?
Now imagine a world without any plants at all… try for just a minute and you realize just how much we –self proclaimed superior life form- depend on them to breathe, to eat, to find shelter for cold and heat. Think that plants were on Earth long before any animals came into existence and the probability is they will be still after we burn ourselves out!
So now, please take a closer look, notice the variety of shapes, (not just haphazard, but all those different architectures), the colours, the smells and tastes, the way a plant will adapt to a situation from which it cannot flee! All the different sorts of plants, from the tiniest shred of moss to the tallest and oldest tree…
If you take an interest, one day you wake up and actually SEE the plants! The trees, the wild flowers in the hedgerows, the “weeds” struggling in a crack of the pavement; and from then on you will never stop watching them, loving them, using them with knowledge, thanking them everyday for what they give!
Plants, although unable to speak or move (as we consider movement) deserve our entire respect.
Colour code:
Sultan blue
Mint green
Leaf Green
As this first challenge is “praise to plants”, Green will come first, other colours acting as highlights and shadows.
I have as yet no defined project, but natural dyeing will unfortunately be out of the question as all my equipment is in our summer quarters…
More next week!