January 2008 : part 3, weaving

Take it Further Challenge : January 2008, part 3

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This is a detail of the ink work I did for the leaf design: you can see all the brush marks, ink spots etc.

The design has been broken down into three technical colours: each colour will be woven with a different pattern: pocket weave, satin, plain, etc. But before it can be woven, the design has to be turned into the proper format: number of warps/cm / repeat and weft / cm / repeat.

This is what it looks like on the computer screen. Before the computer age, all these designs were painted onto a grided page.  So it would really take a long time to create a new design, but nowadays, some designs can be done within a few hours by one single person...
I didn't actually do all the work cleaning the colours: I asked a collegue who works on a specialised programm to do it for me. It took about ten minutes of his time, where it would have taken me a week to do it on my unadapted software...
And now for weaving:

This is what I call "note de lisage": it is the weaving plan where each warp and weft receive a different pattern. Of course the computer doesn't do it alone: you have to think about what you want for each colour, then you fill in the spaces. 
I want this fabric to be quite light and airy, but with a good drape once finished: the cells (col 2) will be pocket weave, the thicker veins (col 0) will be a satin weave of both warps and both wefts, the thiner veins (col1) are an inversed pocket weave... 

And this is what the design looks like when it goes into the loom's computer: each square is one warp crossing one weft; white is for the weft over the warp , red is warp over weft ... looks quite complicated, but the computer calculates all that fortunately. Can you imagine when it was done by hand and head alone? 

I sent my design to the mill, to be woven on a silk warp...
I have received no sample yet, but as soon as it comes back from the mill, I will post the photos!