February 2008 : part 1, 2 and 3

This month's Challenge is on this link:


The concept is : "What are you old enough to remember", and the colour code is here

Part 1 : working on the concept

Now, this is strange, because that is the sort of question I used to ask silently to things around me when I was a kid... I would always wonder at how old things could be, what they had lived and the stories they could have told if they could have talked...
Man made objects weren't such a mystery, because I could ask when they had been made, but thing like mountains, rivers, trees... I couldn't fathom when they had actually come into existence... So one of the things I can remember from childhood, is lying down under a gnarled old apple tree, looking up through the branches, and wondering what sort existence it had had, what the world was like when it was only a few inches high, ...

I am remembering about remembering about remembering ...

Part 2 : colours and fibers

First, I worked on the colours, trying different contrasts and compositions


I chose the materials I wanted to work on : DSCF5614.JPG

dyed fleece (I bought it already dyed)
silk yarn ( I dyed it with artificial colourings)
coton mousseline (dyed in the same bath as the silk, but after the silk was dyed, so the colour is much paler)

Part 3 : putting it all together

And I started stitching a small design of a tree with a sworling sky...

Here is a close up view of the silk yarn stiched to the background: it really has a nice volume !