April 2008 : colour changes

This month's Challenge is on this link:


The concept is : "How do you see change?",

I have been very busy with natural dyeing this month : I haven't been much aware of the colour scheme, but the notion of change was really a very interesting subject.

When you dye with woad, or any indigo plant, you always have a magical moment when the fabric comes out of the pot and turns from yellowish-blue into a real indigo blue colour:

As you can see, the cotton is still quite white

A few seconds later it has turned blue !

I tried different dyes and then had a go at over dyeing to see what colour I would obtain. Of course, I got some (nice) surprises:

Four cotton samples with different dye stuffs

First from left : pure Woad
second  : Woad with slight Turmeric hue
third  : Turmeric over Woad
fourth : pure Turmeric